Tuesday, July 27, 2010

~New Creations~

Fabulous BWS- with charms $60.00
another view of above necklace

Multi-Colored Gold Sparkle- $25.00

Classy Pearly White-$55.00

Glistening Lady Black-$55.00

Glamour-Goes With Everything-Key (silver) $70.00

Custom Charm Necklace (long)-price varies approx: $40.00
Pearly Sleek Black-$50.00

Simple Maroon & Gold-$15.00
Turquoise & Bling-$55.00
sorry not available
Glitzy Pink Heel- $60.00

Little Black Sparkle-$35.00
Pink Little Girly Girl-$35.00

Pearly White Crystal Customized-girls $40.00
Multi-Colored Crystal (little girls) $35.00
Colorful Original-girls $50.00

Colorful Original-girls $50.00

The Universal-gold $30.00

(zoom in of The Universal)

The Universal-colored pearls $30.00

Green Stone-silver heart $50.00

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